Month: July 2016

10 Year LA-versary – We love it!

This month marks ten years that my husband and I arrived in LA.  A friend recently asked me if I was ever sorry that I lived here and not my hometown in the Midwest.  No.  I miss my family.  I miss my friends.   But LA is the place where I feel the most at home.

How do I love LA?  Let me list the ways.

Violence – What Can I do?

“God should kill all the bad people.”

“God doesn’t want to kill all the bad people. He wants them to become good people.”  She scrunched up her 5-year-old face and yelled at me.

“No!  He should kill them!”  I took a deep breath so I could speak calmly.

“Have you ever done anything that makes God sad?”


“Have I ever done anything that makes God sad?”


“Then God would have to kill us.  He would have to kill everybody.  He doesn’t want to kill us. That’s why he sent Jesus, to help all of us become good people so he doesn’t have to kill us.”

She sat there eating her sandwich contemplating this new perspective.  I sat there thinking, “There has been way too much killing these last few weeks.”

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