Month: April 2016

I GOT THAT (How to Celebrate Easter)

On Facebook, a friend re-posted a blog on remembering the meaning of Purim.  It inspired me to spend Holy Week getting back to the true meaning of Easter.  After all, if you are a Christian, Easter – not Christmas – should be the major annual holiday.  A little too late to observe Lent, I tried to figure out what the “Easter Spirit” would feel like and look like.  Should we still have ham?  Should we give gifts to our 4-year-old?   How do you generate expectation and excitement without getting too commercial?  What is the appropriate way to celebrate a person who was both God and Man dying for all us?  The crucifixion always feels distant and impersonal to me.  As Buddy in The Incredibles says, “If everybody is special, nobody is special.”

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