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Easter vs. Christmas

It’s Easter again.  I do not feel ready. I am not ready.  I did not give up anything for lent.  If I live through tomorrow, I have met my goals:  survive the first quarter of 2018 and not pay any IRS penalties for underpayment on last year’s return.  Why do I spend eleven months preparing for Christmas but Easter, which should be the biggest holiday of my year, gets mashed in between second quarter report cards, spring break, and taxes?  

Brand New Arms

I was at a planning meeting for the memorial service of a friend.  I was emotionally exhausted, trying to stick to business so as to avoid crying yet again and at the same time, wanting to give my all to make the memorial a lovely event.  The minister is talking about the service and gives us the short, short version of his message of hope.


That is what I need right now.

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