Addiction: I finally understand.

Last year at this time I had the New Year’s resolution of organization.  I started a systematic purge of all cabinets and cupboards.  I celebrated each bag I dropped at the Goodwill donation center.  I worked my way through the kitchen and then arrived at the bathroom.   I  dug to the back of the cabinets to discover the items I never use anymore.  My cleaning spree ground to a halt.

About nine years ago, I took a trip to the emergency room due to intense intolerable pain.  This began an almost two year span of constant physical pain.

Lesson from Nicki Minaj

I stare at Nicki Minaj.  She smiles back at me from the glossy page.  Her eyes sparkle.  Beautiful.  She is beautiful.  But it bothers me.  The long blonde hair.  With her warm brown skin and her wide deep eyes, why ruin what God made and said, “That is good.”?

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